Concierge Service

When you use our concierge service, you get full VIP treatment—a custom buying experience tailored to your taste and lifestyle and a complete end-to-end service that is centered on your satisfaction.

Our mission is to build a lifelong relationship with each of clients. We are a one-stop-shop for all your home needs.
Sobi Qazi
Team Lead

lifetime support for
all your real estate needs

You can always count on us whenever you have any issues, from title, insurance to repairs and upgrades. We’ll connect you the best service providers we know to attend to your needs. See our ABOVO Anchor Network to access our free tools and resources!   


We want our buyers to focus on choosing their perfect home, so we go the extra mile and handle everything else. We are also committed to helping our sellers get the best price for their property in the least amount of time. Contact us for a complimentary consultation and learn how we earn being your lifetime support for all your real estate needs.     


The title company plays a crucial role in the process of closing on your home and protecting you from unforeseen legal issues. Through research, insurance, and careful coordination, they make sure that the title to a piece of property is transferred legally and correctly from the seller to the buyer. Title companies conduct a title search, issue title insurance and serve as escrow officer and closing agent.


A home is a special investment and maintaining it helps you protect it. Home maintenance keeps the value of home high and homes that are well-maintained do not gradually depreciate. By inspecting your home regularly, cleaning, and repairing it, you will have the assurance that your family is safe. Regardless of whether you choose to maintain your home on your own or hire professionals, avoid waiting before things go wrong to carry out repairs.


During the phases of a real estate transaction-acquisition, development, ownership, sale or lease-a variety of insurance products and considerations come into play. When investing in real estate, it's important to get the right insurance to protect yourself and your investment. As you already know, once a house or a building gets damaged due to natural disasters or negligence of the tenant, the repairs and replacement of fixtures and structure can be expensive.


Renovations can add significant value to a home. Small upgrades to the exterior, kitchen and bathroom can make a home more appealing to buyers and stand out in the real estate market. Large-scale remodeling can seriously increase the home's value, however not all upgrades add value to a home. As a courtesy, we come visit your home to check out what possible home improvements may be needed to get your home ready for the market. Even a small suggested improvement can go a long way towards improving the look and feel of your home.